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As much as we all like to think we are different, we are actually rather alike. Moreover, most of us end up having similar fears and goals: pursuing our life’s passion, finding a job that truly makes us happy… Without realising it, we often act in ways that are consistent with our socialization. But there is a distinctive set of behaviours we have learned in our childhood that can ultimately jeopardise our careers as adults. Here are three common unconscious mistakes to avoid at the beginning of your career.

Acting just like an employee


You make it through years and years of education. They teach you that thinking like A+ students will make you successful. Yet, the rules of the game change once you enter the job market. The reality is that doing a great job just is not enough. You need to be a step ahead.

Your boss doesn’t want you to be just an employee. Your boss wants you to be a partner in the process of working towards the company goals:

  • Employees do their jobs. Partners, additionally, think of ways to increase efficiency, to save their company time and money.
  • Employees just wait for assignments. Partners take the initiative: analysing information, seeking opportunities and coming up with improvement proposals.
  • Employees are like A+ students. They obediently complete the tasks assigned to them. Partners, on the other hand, diplomatically question if the assignments might be inefficient or irrelevant.