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We love a good story of dreams coming true. Think of Bake Off’s Nadia, whose journey from enthusiastic amateur to big-time pro is the stuff of national legend.

But we can’t all bake the Queen’s birthday cake… So how else can you turn your hobby into a lucrative career?

Is it just blue sky thinking?

Is it only for the very well-off?

Or might it actually be possible to make a living doing what we love?

Ambitious Women

Research conducted into so-called ‘passionate workers’ by the Centre for Economic and Business Research, YouGov and Samsung found that more than one in ten British workers have given up their day jobs to transform their hobby into a career.

Separate research for the Guardian by Start Up Loans and YouGov found that over 85% of Brits who started a business founded on their hobby gained greater job satisfaction than in their standard employment.

But crucially, these figures are higher for younger people, and higher for women. Nearly 25% of 18-34-year-olds were planning to implement their hobby as their career, while 13% of women were intending to do so (compared to 11% of men).

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There are plenty of inspiring examples of dedicated female entrepreneurs, determined to make their passion their work. Here are just a few of them:

Alice Rossiter

Hobby: flower arranging

With a blooming passion for flowers, Alice Rossiter gave up a job as a product manager for tech startups and founded her own business, Alice’s Table, which combines creativity and entrepreneurship to empower women through flower arranging.

A unique and innovative approach, Alice’s business has really taken root in the US – ‘I am always pinching myself that I get to call this work!’, she explains.

Leyla Kazim

Hobby: food and travel

Leyla Kazim started a blog in 2012, charting the globe-trotting, culinary adventures she undertook in her time off from a software company. Eventually, however, she made the brave step to become a full-time food and travel blogger.

Thanks to fantastic photography and writing skills, Leyla is now paid to write content or produce videos for the likes of Jamie Oliver, alongside continuing her own blog and social media channels.

Hannah Dale

Hobby: painting

Lots of people aspire to make their living as an artist, but Hannah Dale managed to make that dream a reality. She began by selling her paintings to shops and galleries, before deciding it would make better business sense to print her designs on greeting cards.

Things grew from there, and she now has…