As anyone who has tried it knows, freelancing isn’t easy. Finding clients and building up a portfolio all take time and effort, whatever industry you work in and whatever skills and services you provide. Sometimes you have to accept that the rewards aren’t great enough to make ends meet as a free agent, and you might decide the time has come to make the move into steady, full-time employment.

If you’re going back to full-time work or looking for a full-time position for the first time, how do you go about crafting the perfect freelancer CV? Who can you call on for references and how do you make up for the lack of office-based experience? Here are our top tips for crafting the perfect CV when transitioning from freelancing to a full-time job.

Show, Don’t Tell

You might not have worked in an office, but you’re probably highly experienced and good at what you do. The quickest way to win an employer round is to show them your experience rather than simply telling them about it in a personal statement. Put together a portfolio which showcases your best work, whether that’s the graphic design work you did for a client or the articles and blogs you’ve written. Sometimes less is more, so only pick the very best pieces of work – show them the things you’re most proud of, because attention spans are short and they probably have plenty of applications to wade through.

Be Selective in Naming Your Clients

You don’t necessarily have to list all the clients you have ever worked for, and in many ways it’s a good idea to be selective. Name your biggest clients and those who have…