More and more companies are turning to independent contractors, especially if the task falls outside their core business. For example, an insurance firm might hire an electrician to reroute a few wires.

To thrive in business, independent contractors need to know how to sell their most important asset, which is their own services. Here are some way you can convince reluctant companies to give you work.


Be a Responsible Contractor

Traditionally, companies kept tasks in-house because they knew these tasks would be completed professionally. To counter that argument, you need to show responsibility. Independent contractor insurance is one of the best ways to establish that credibility. Insurance shows potential customers that you take your craft very seriously. Moreover, because of liability concerns, many companies do not hire uninsured contractors.

So, unprotected contractors could be losing a lot of business.

Contractors are Cost Effective

Employees are extremely costly both in terms of time and treasure. There are many federal and state regulations. Most employees also expect benefits. Finally, all employers must pay payroll and other taxes for all their employees.

Contractors come with almost none of these requirements. Other than a brief 1099, there is no paperwork….