.Technology offers the benefit of allowing your employees to work remotely, either on a regular basis or whenever the need arises. But did you know that working remotely can actually make your employees happier and more productive?

To remain competitive, your company must stay ahead of the curve. Giving employees options for working remotely can be one of the crucial factors to growing your business. Here are some of the benefits companies need to consider.

Attract Better Employees

The best employees aren’t begging for jobs—they’re considering the various companies begging them to work for them. Access to the latest technology is one of the factors they’re going to consider, and in today’s world they’re going to be looking for the option of working remotely. Whether they want to do so full-time, part-time or only occasionally, it’s essential that the option is there for them. In fact, 72 percent of employees say flexibility in work arrangements would make them choose one job over another. Good companies need all the bargaining chips they can get to attract great employees.

Workers Have Better Flexibility

When workers can only access their files in the office, their options are often limited. In many industries, employees need to be out in the field: for example, imagine a realtor who could only access listings when they’re in the office. They take a client out, find a home that’s not quite what they’re looking for, and remember another one that would be a better fit. Do you think those clients are going to take a field trip back to the realtor’s office just to find out more about the property? Probably not—they’re probably going to find a realtor who can give them the instant access they need to relevant documents and listings.

increase the bottom line

Improve Customer Service Across the Board

Giving your employees remote access to essential files is a win-win for your clients or customers. They don’t want to wait for the answers they need, and they don’t want to fear that they’re working with a company that doesn’t take their needs seriously. The more easily your employees can access relevant documents—from anywhere—the quicker they can get back to their clients. And that will reflect positively on your company.

Not Everyone Works at the Same Pace—Or the Same Way

In a typical office environment, everyone gets to the office at the same time. That’s…